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Mies missing materiality

The project by the architects Anna & Eugeni Bach turns the Pavilion into a mock-up, with all the surfaces clad with the same white material that shows the representative role of both the original work and its reconstruction. For 11 days, the Pavilion will turn into a 1:1 scale model of the longest-standing temporary pavilion in modern architecture. 

From a platform located on the Pavilion’s esplanade, visitors can watch the transformation process, which will culminate on November 16th, when it will be open to the public, completely in white.    

8-11-2017 al 15-11-2017 dematerialisation
16-11-2017 press conference 12h, followed by debate and opening of the installation
16-11-2017 to 27-11-2017 pavilion dematerialised
27-11-2017 to 28-11-2017 disassembling proces

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