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Interview with Georg Pendl, elected ACE President for 2018/2019

On 1 December 2017 Arch. Georg Pendl was elected as new ACE President for the years 2018-2019. Mr Pendl has enjoyed a long collaboration with the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) and acted as Executive Board Member, Area Coordinator, Work Group Chairman and Head of the Austrian Delegation. Read the interview


ACE Response to the targeted consultation on the Guidance on Public Procurement of Innovation

The purpose of this targeted consultation is to receive stakeholder feedback on the draft Guidance on Public Procurement of Innovation, announced in the Public Procurement package of 3 October 2017.

Read the ACE answer

ACE endorses the Davos Declaration calling for a high-quality Baukultur for Europe

On 21-22 January 2018, the European Ministers of Culture and stakeholders from the heritage and cultural sectors, including the Architects Council of Europe (ACE), attended a conference dedicated to Baulkultur at the invitation of the President of the Swiss Confederation. On this occasion, they adopted a Declaration, which highlights the benefits of a high-quality Baukultur to society and pathways for promoting and achieving it in Europe.

Read more on the ACE website


Energy efficient buildings: Presidency secures provisional deal with European Parliament

On 19 December, the Estonian presidency reached a provisional agreement with the European Parliament on a revised Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings. The outcome of the trilogue was presented to EU ambassadors the following day, with the final analysis and approval of the agreement expected to take place at the beginning of 2018.

The Directive encourages energy efficiency and will increase energy savings in the building sector. It brings the existing rules up to date by taking into account recent technological developments.

Increasing the renovation of the EU's building stock over the next few years to increase it's energy performance is crucial. The new simplified framework will cover the speed, quality and effectiveness of building renovation, with the long-term aim of moving to the decarbonisation of buildings.

(From EU Council Press Release - read more)

December infringement procedure package

In December 2017, the Commission adopted a package of infringement decisions, several aspectes of which concern the architectural profession:

Public Procurement: the Commission decided to take Austria, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Spain to the EU Court of Justice over the failure to notify complete transposition of EU rules on public procurement and concessions into national law. All Member States were obliged to notify the transposition of the latest Public Procurement rules by 18 April 2016.

Services: the Commission decided to refer Austria to the EU Court of Justice due to overly restrictive rules on the provision of services by architects, engineers, patent attorneys and veterinarians. Austrian legislation imposes a number of requirements on regulated professions: head office requirements, legal form and excessive shareholding requirements; and restrictions on multidisciplinary companies. The Commission holds the view that these requirements create unjustified obstacles to the provision of services by these professions.

Professional Qualifications: the Commission sent a letter of formal notice to Cyprus for not recognising the professional training in the fields of engineering & architecture acquired by Cypriot citizens in other Member States, which does not seem to be in line with Directive 2005/36/EC. In addition, national rules do not fully respect the principle of automatic recognition of professional qualifications acquired by architects abroad as laid down in Article 49 of Directive 2005/36/EC. Cyprus now has two months to remedy the situation; otherwise, the Commission may decide to send a reasoned opinion to Cyprus.

ACE welcomes the EU Parliament’s report on the regulation and the need for reform in professional services

On 18 January 2018, in Strasbourg, the European Parliament adopted a report on the implementation of Directive 2013/55/EU (amending Directive 2005/36/EC) as regards regulation and the need for reform in professional services. The Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) congratulates the Rapporteurs for their work on this important issue and welcomes the report, which contributes to a greater recognition of the importance of the quality of professional services and their benefits to the society. Read more

Energy Package / Revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

A provisional agreement was reached between the Council and the Parliament upon conclusion of the third trilogue on 19 December 2017. The agreed text is expected to be formally adopted by both institutions in January-February 2018.


BNA International

The Royal Institute of Dutch Architects BNA – together with project developer Synchroon - is organizing the 2nd edition of the Next Step Program. This program offers young architects the possibility to make the next step in their professional career, and a learning environment. Nominees, and finalists receive professional training and a platform for promotion and discussion, and networking with established masters and potential clients. The winner receives the Next Step Award, a cash prize of 10.000 euros. Young foreign designers and architects are welcome to participate if their project was realised in the Netherlands.

Registration is open until 28 February 2018 on the website:

Croatian Chamber of Architect


CCA is organising Days of Architects 2.0 with newly acquired experience from the first Days of Architects 1.0 and with the desire to continue the traditional annual gathering of all Croatian architects, as well as all other architectural professionals.

We will again be the central place where annually we will present and discuss important topics for the work of architects and engineers in Croatia. The current and expertly designed program will also be based on plenary lectures, presentations and round tables.

The central theme of the Days of Architects 2.0 is SHAPING EDUCATION: ARCHITECTURE / EDUCATION / COMUNICATION! We will discuss lifelong education of architects or professional education, higher education of architects faced with new business and market opportunities, vocational education, education of children in the issues of built environment, architecture, urbanism and heritage, so that as adult citizens, future users of spaces, they can understand the space around them, the architecture of educational.

DAYS OF ARCHITECTS 2.0,  from May 3 to 5 2018, Rovinj, Hotel Lone 

Consejo Superior de los Colegios de Arquitectos de España

New Executive Board 2018-2021

On 16 November 2017 Architect Lluís Comerón Graupera, President of the Order of Architects of Catalonia, was elected President of the CSCAE for the period 2018-2021. The CSCAE Executive Board for the period 2018-2021 consists of:

  • Arch. Lluís Comerón Graupera, President
  • Arch. Marta Vall-Llossera Ferrán (Ms), 1st Vicepresident Arch. Antonio Maroño Cal, 2nd Vicepresident
  • Arch. Matxalen Acasuso Atutxa (Ms), Treasurer
  • Arch. Laureano Matas Trenas, Secretary General


To know more: equipo-de-gobierno-del-cscae

Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

3rd edition of has become the reference guide for discovering contemporary architecture and urban planning in Luxembourg. contributes to the promotion of the country as part of the "Luxembourg - let's make it happen" campaign of the Ministry of the Economy ( and

More information on the OAI website


Towards a zero-emission, efficient, and resilient buildings and construction sector.

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