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Nemzetközi várostervezési és építészeti tervpályázat Barcelonában

Since the 4 December in Barcelona: international urban design and architectural competition “Passatge Besòs: from city to sea”

A problem encountered everywhere on the Catalan coast and around the world: how to convert a passage under the coastal railway into a welcoming public space to facilitate local access to the sea? International competition in two phases, open to any adult architecture, urban planning or design professional, organized by the Consorcí del Besòs in collaboration with the Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya within the IVM international programme “Passages, transitional spaces for the 21st century” Timetable: 4 December 2014: registration opens; 19 January 2015: deadline for applications; 28 January 2015: announcement of the five finalists; 5 February 2015: in situ seminar; 22 April 2015: deadline for final submissions; 30 April: announcement of results

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