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The main task and aim of the Ybl Association is to develop and promote a heritage-conscious thinking and an aesthetic environment protection. Most of the city dwellers are not familiar with the incredibly rich oeuvre of Ybl Miklós, a good number of definitive monuments of Budapest up until now. It is very important to be acquainted with the closest environment, to have knowledge of the buildings we go past day by day or even several times a day. As we are getting to know them, we are getting to love them and when we love them, we protect them.

And then nobody will destroy the sight of the buildings and statues by signs of primitive groups, the graffiti. Although the artistic ones would be on their appropriate place and not on the buildings or statues.

The Ybl Palaces and Apartment Houses


10 am on Saturday, 20th September
Budapest, V. Ferenciek tere, in front of the Church

Judit Sedlmayr
Architect-Art Historian will be leading the tour

Ybl Monuments

Károlyi u.12. - First Hungarian Saving Bank Hall – Ybl Palace
Bródy S. u. 8. - Chamber of Deputies –  Italian Institute (memorial tablet)
Bródy S. u. 14. - Dégenfeld-Schomburg House
Pollack M. tér 10.  - Count Festetics Palace
Pollack M. tér 3.  - Count Alajos Károlyi Palace
Ötpacsirta u.4.  - Countess Pálné Pálffy Palaces (Capital Music Collection)
Múzeum u. 9. - János Bókay House
Erkel u. Erkel u. 15., Ráday u. 18.  -  Count György Károlyi Palace – Apartment House  (memorial tablet)
Üllői út 17. – Count György Károlyi Palace – Apartment House  (memorial tablet)
Vámház krt. 15. – Dlauchy House
Vámház krt. 13. - Ybl's Own House
Vámház krt. 8. – Main Toll House Fővámház – Budapesti Corvinus University  (memorial tablet)

YBL EGYESÜLET  public benefit organization
H-1119 Budapest, Fogócska u. 11.     T/F: 1 481  0656


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